Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 | First Impressions Analysis
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is a game where we can be a.. Sniper.. Ghost.. and Warrior? As we run through its dialogue and scenes for context, we discover core gameplay trapped beneath atrocious dialogue, story, and characters. The tutorial especially oozes with potential after a not-so-oozing cutscene. So, the question beckons: What did Sniper: Ghost… (0 comment)

NieR: Automata – Evade & Perfect Evade | Mechanical Analysis
NieR: Automata manages to make movement smooth, fluid, and effortless through only one button press. Its ingenuity in creating a hybrid system that encompasses the entirety of movement is a carefully well-thought-out system that complements the combat, animations, and overall pacing of the game. Sprinting and Evading are tied to one button — R2. Standard… (3 comments)

NieR: Automata – Multi-Attack & the Lock-On System | Mechanical Analysis
2B has access to two main offensive capabilities: Pod and Melee. 2B’s Pod is a more refined, fast-paced, and streamlined version of the original NieR’s Grimoire Weiss and its Sealed Verse Dark Blast, and so it’s only fitting that she can utilize both her weapons and her Pod simultaneously. This multi-attack mechanic complements NieR: Automata’s… (2 comments)

Twilight Princess: Is Zelda Not As Useless As We Thought? | Character Analysis
The most common criticism Zelda receives is that she’s not enough of a heroine and is usually thought of as reliant, inept, incompetent, and overall unimportant in a series that ironically includes her name in the title. Whether or not this is true, Zelda plays a surprisingly pivotal role in Twilight Princess — where all she… (3 comments)

Shovel Knight: The Enchantress | Boss Design
As Shovel Knight’s journey comes to a close, the Tower of Fate and its Enchantress is the final obstacle between Shovel Knight and his beloved Shield Knight. So let’s take a look at The Enchantress and see if this last showdown made the journey worthwhile. The first noteworthy point is the stage itself. It’s a… (0 comment)