Shovel Knight: Plains | Level Design
The core mechanic in Shovel Knight drastically changes the foundational, mainstay aspects of platforming that Platformers traditionally build themselves upon. The downward shovel mechanic is simple, but it has an ingenuity that has never been seen before in platforming. There is considerable potential for level design that centralizes around this single mechanic. Welcome To The… (1 comment)

Midnight Special | Plot Analysis
Midnight Special can be divided into two halves separated by an abrupt plot shift that robs the film of its potential. The overall concept it laid out during the first half of the film vanished somewhere in the middle, taking with it the build-up of intrigue and mystery. Oh By Darndest, It Was The Light!… (0 comment)

Battlerite: Learning Curve & Key-Bindings | Mechanical Analysis
Battlerite is a top-down battle arena with a surprising amount of depth in bursts of short 2v2 or 3v3 matches. Its combat could be compared to the occasional intense close-quarters MOBA fights, yet Battlerite takes the formula, flips it upside-down, and runs with it. Battlerite has been appropriately coined by the developers – Stunlock Studios… (0 comment)