Edith Finch – What Lies Ahead for Visual Storytelling | Full Corvus Analysis
Introduction What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories that comes together to form an intriguing yet heartbreaking family drama. In each short story that the game presents, we’re able to take on the perspective of the Finch family members. This helps establish empathy for this family’s tragedies and for each family… (0 comment)

Cuphead – Full Analysis | Classic Boss Design in the Modern Age
Cuphead is a classic, side-scrolling, platformer shooter that has caught the eyes of millions. Its presentation is one of its main selling points with hand drawn animation and live jazz recordings, all heavily inspired by 1930’s cartoons. However, the presentation doesn’t mean anything if the gameplay doesn’t back it up. Does Cuphead deserve to be… (0 comment)